Open Science Working Group

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The first meetup dedicated to the problems of Open Science in Russia took place in Moscow on January 21.

The meetup was attended by 11 people:

  • Tamara Markarova (Konstantin Ushinsky Scientific Pedagogical Library),
  • Petr Kohts,
  • Sergey Parinov (Russian Academy of Sciences, Socionet),
  • Irina Radchenko (Higher School of Economics),
  • Yury Polyak (Russian Academy of Sciences),
  • Alexandr Antopolskiy (Russian Academy of Education),
  • Dmitry Semyachkin (Keldysh Institute of Applied Mathematics RAS, CyberLeninka),
  • Michael Sergeev (CyberLeninka),
  • Eugeniy Kislyak (CyberLeninka),
  • Grigory Zatsman (eLibrary),
  • Alexandr Notchenko.

We agreed on discussing the following issues:

  1. We have to discover working groups OKFN Open Science and Open Access in foreign countries: what we can offer them and what we can take.
  2. Find points of mutual interest — joint projects of OKFN-RU Open Science working group.
  3. Discussion of the use of Russian and English languages in publications (which way is more useful for Russian Science?)
  4. Technological aspects of Open Science and Open Access approach.
  5. Development of terminology in the fields of Open Science and Open Access.
  6. Panton principles.
  7. Organization of workshops on technology, standards, guidelines, ontologies, metadata, and so on.
  8. Creating questionnaires with questions about the presence of the working group members on social media.
  9. Distribution of materials on the Open Science and Open Access (including translation of Wikipedia articles).